In order for the IMPEx framework to work properly, a common language must be accepted by each of its component, i.e. databases and tools, in order for them to understand each other. For this purpose, the IMPEx team developed a DataModel that permits each component to exchange informations about the kind of data databases host, their location, as well as all the informations about the models and simulation runs that are needed by the user to understand the physics in the data.

Tools in IMPEx were primarily designed to access and process observational data, which are referenced using their own data model, the SPASE Data Model. In order to simplify the work of the tools, and to have a global consistency between all kinds of data within the IMPEx frame work, the IMPEx team built an extension to the preexisting SPASE Data Model which allowed for the description of simulation models and runs and for the description of simulation results: the IMPEx Simulation Data Model.

We provide hereafter documentation and tools related to this Data Model.

IMPEx Simulation Data Model Comprehensive description

IMPEx Simulation Data Model Complete documention (html) or (pdf)

IMPEx Simulation Data Model Schema (xsd)