The LATMOS is part of the FP7 IMPEx project which aims to develop a framework for an easy handling of the simulation results and their comparison with observational data. The LATMOS contributes in particular by providing a database of hybrid simulation results: the LATMOS Hybrid Simulation Database (LatHyS).

We provide an online catalog of our simulations that can be freely accessed. LatHyS CATALOG.

A new simulation databse is constrcution. It concerns an Exospheric Global Model described the upper atmosphere/exosphere of solar system objects.

We provide an online catalog of our simulations that can be freely accessed. EGM CATALOG.(In construction)
A short notice of the hybrid model, its description, the model assumption and the algorithm used is available LatHyS Documentation .
Data format description available on the catalog
Hybrid model(LatHyS) : data description .
Exospheric model (EGM) : data description
Thermospheric/Ionospheric model (GCM) : data description
We also provide a Data Model for simulation that has been developed within the IMPEx frame work and extends the SPASE model which is dedicated to observational data. We provide here the schema documentation as well as the user's guide fro the Data Model implementation.
The catalog is interfaced with VO-visualization tools such AMDA and 3Dview. We provide webservices to fulfil some automated request. The description of the wsdl file, describing the services, is available here.
The description of webservices implemented in the simulation database is presented in the document Interface Control Document